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The other wolf…in search of a mate :)

August 6, 2013

You know the tale of the two wolves? If not click here: cherokee tale of two wolves.


Below is the inner dialogue of my OTHER wolf in search of a mate.


She says:

I am sick of the emotionally unavailable.

Busy making a career for himself,

but doesn’t know how to invest time into a good woman,

a good hobby,

a good pack,

a good life.

We could have it all.


I am sick of saying no to sex.

Lustful, disconnected, wasteful sex.

No I don’t want to fuck you.

Is that hard for you to believe?


I am tired of showing up,

getting dressed up.

Do you know how long that shit takes?

Do you know how bad I want us to like my appearance?


I am sick of guessing, but trying not to assume.

Please communicate?

You know,

those things you constantly think and feel?

Let’s talk about those things.

Let me the fuck in.


And I am tired of men letting me go,

because I am too good for them.

It sounds conceited to say it out loud,

Men let go and throw in the towel,

because I deserve better.

I do deserve better,

but I wanted you.

Why couldn’t you just want better for yourself?


I am also tired of slowing down the men that think I am an insta-girlfriend

if I show interest,

If I kiss you with my eyes closed,

I am just seeing how it feels.

I am not planning our wedding,

No matter what Cosmo magazine tells you


I am tired of reading articles about love.

Like this one: incredible love story.

And then thinking I can find it in real life


I am tired of waiting.

Waiting for you to show up,

Waiting for you to tell me what you want to do,

Waiting to find someone who would actually wait for me.

Fuck waiting.


I am tired of trying to be grateful.

Grateful for feeling these things.

Grateful for having love at all.

I am vulnerable.

I am open.

It’s exhausting.

But this wolf bitch is still glamorous,

in her own wild way…


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  1. angela permalink
    August 6, 2013 10:33 pm

    pretty sure i have had the same conversation a few times in my life

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